Dance in Schools and community groups

We are often invited to teach in local schools and community groups, to promote healthy living, build self-esteem, encourage social development and to make Ballroom dance accessible for families of any background.


Obviously Ballroom dancing has its physical benefits, burning up to 300 calories an hour. Children learn to be aware of their own bodies, with improved spacial awareness, core strength and balance... which is awesome.


However we are very passionate and interested in the different ways

children learn. For a number of years we have had the pleasure of

watching children grow not just as dancers but as people. Due to the

discipline and structure of Ballroom, children’s behaviour and

concentration can improve. As a result of dancing with a partner

their communication skills improve and they learn to work with each

other maturely and with empathy. It is a great way to get shy children

integrated with their classmates and also encourages the “less sporty”

children to become more engaged with physical education. The core

principle of partner dancing is that one person leads, the other one

follows. We believe that this can also break down gender barriers,

boys can dance together or a girl can lead a boy. The mechanics of

dance works the same, regardless of who’s playing which role.

Benefits aside, its great fun.


Ideas and projects we have previously developed:

  • a course of Ballroom & Latin lessons in P:E

  • a course for teachers to be able to implement dance in their own P.E lessons

  • a regular lunch club

  • a regular after school club

  • a Strictly Come Dancing event

  • prom dance lessons


If you would like any more information or have a creative idea you think we could help you with, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.