Dance classes in Finningley Doncaster, Oughtibridge Sheffield, Leeds Yorkshire and Buxton Derbyshire.

Hey there!


If you speak to anyone who's ever met me, they'll tell you, I'm mad about dance! I started at the age of six and was interested in all styles from Street to Contemporary. However, I soon discovered where my talent lay, in Ballroom & Latin. It wasn't long before I gave into (without much persuasion) the sequins and glamour of the Ballroom and started competing for a local formation team. Though so shy and quiet in every day life, I felt that dance gave me an outlet and I felt it was the only thing I was confident doing. I soon began competing in Medalist competions, Supadance league and then the Open Circuit.


From the very start of my competitive career I was successful. It wasn't long before I was competing at a national and international level, winning many championships. I have been given wonderful oppor-tunities to perform and choreograph in shows all over the country including TV's Royal Variety Performance and ITV's Born to Shine. Dance opened so many doors for me, I have met and worked with so many fantastic people, I have travelled and experienced so many great things the world has to offer. 


However from a young age, I knew my passion lay in teaching. I became a teaching assistant from thirteen years old and continued assisting alongside years of competing and eventually my degree. I worked for six years at Europe's largest dance school for a well known dancing family in Sheffield. They trained me as a compeitior, helped me progress as a teacher and took me in as a friend. To them, I owe so much. However desperate to keep pushing myself, I recently decided to brave it and set up Wallflower Dance and I now have regular classes in Buxton and Leeds.


I am passionate about people and so interested in the different ways people learn. I have had the pleasure of watching my students grow as dancers and as people. I have seen them adopt the physical benefits of dance; awareness of their own bodies, spacial awareness, core strength and balance. They’ve seen changes in their personal capabilities, their freedom and as a consequence of these things, some have even learnt about who they are as a person. I love teaching people from ages 2 to 100, people who have never danced before to those who are regular competitors, people who think they have "two left feet" to those who are wheelchair bound. Dance has made me who I am. I want to help others feel the way I do when I'm dancing or teaching, and I hope that here at Wallflower Dance we will succeed in doing that.